Anthony Mazella

Anthony Mazzella is a New York City born and bred musician who now makes Sedona his home. He performs in Sedona regularly with his solo original shows as well as his Legends Of Guitar Tribute Show. He has recorded 6 cds and is always working on new music. He has toured all over the world as a solo artist as well as with World Music groups.

To see video samples of his music and projects visit his website at www.anthonymazella(dot)com and do not miss the chance to see him while in Sedona!


Ralf Illenbergers

Composer, producer, guitarist Ralf Illenberger’s experience spans a varied and successful thirty-year career that includes hits in Europe and the US, sales of over 400,000 CDs, and performances in more than 50 countries. He has produced 16 albums of his own compositions that resulted in three US top ten singles on the Narada label, and five hit albums in Europe. He has received a US Grammy nomination as well as the German Record Awards nomination (German ‘Grammy’ equivalent).



Karl Jones

Karl Jones, founding member of Dublin Soul (his band), is a Sedona, Arizona based artist from Dublin Ireland. He has appeared on Irish Television’s Late Late Show, Dublin music venues and Irish music festivals. A founding member of the U2 influenced rock band “Mixed up World” in the 1980’s, Karl went on to become an accomplished solo artist with the musical spirit of Irish recording artists like Christy Moore, Van Morrison and Paul Brady. His live shows include great original material with traditional Irish ballads and drinking songs, played in a dynamic contemporary Celtic style. He fuses folk, rock and blues with his exceptional skill as a guitarist giving his music an exciting and original sound..



Adara Blake

Adara Blake’s music has been described as an eclectic mix of folk, pop, jazz and contemporary with the undertones of a speakeasy torch singer. It is heartfelt, insightful, moody & joyful…



Lynn Trombetta

Arizona-born flutist Lynn Trombetta and guitarist Rick Cyge have been performing together professionally as Meadowlark since 1993 and are dual-based in Sedona and Scottsdale, Arizona. There is a wonderful chemistry between this intriguing husband and wife duo and listeners are amazed to learn the richly layered music which is their signature sound is created by only two musicians.

Meadowlark also performs in concert as an ensemble with violin and/or percussion. The duo, ensembles, and solo artists are available for special events. Visit: www.meadowlarkmusic(dot)com



   Näthan “Saith” Gangadean channels his music from “another place.”  Many of his songs in fact came through whilst dreaming.   Even if they didn’t, the songs he composes come into form as if guided by an unspoken intuitive process of listening and trusting in what is coming through both melodically and lyrically. 

David Harvey

David Harvey

David Harvey Is a Local Singer Song Writer Who has been performing for over thirty Years . His acoustic Folk Rock sounds capture the essence of  Life experience with Love and Hope .


Robin Miller

PERFORMING ARTIST, COMPOSER, and SONGWRITER Robin Miller has surrounded himself with music since he was a child. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Robin began playing the guitar at the age of 7, started his first band at age 14, and composed and recorded his first album before he turned 18.

Robin Miller has recorded albums with various artists for labels such as A&M, MCA, and RCA. Proficient on guitar, keyboards, bass, and mandolin, Robin loves to demonstrate his versatility through rock & roll, blues, new age, and many other types of music.


Eric Miller

Eric Miller was born in Alpena, Michigan, but grew up in Detroit. He began seriously playing guitar at the age of twelve, inspired by all the great rhythm-n-blues and rock-n-roll of the area. Coming from a family of musicians and artists, Eric started playing professionally when he was sixteen. In no time he was playing some of the hottest and biggest venues of the Detroit Metropolitan area.


Darius Lux

When singer/songwriter Darius Lux left the confines of New York City to travel the world for a year, he didn’t fully comprehend the life changing pilgrimage he was embarking on. A multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer came back as a free-thinker and inspirational lyricist.

Combining his love of 60’s songwriting, 70’s soul, 80’s pop and 90’s hip-hop into a current mix of soulful, rock-edged pop tunes, Darius found his voice on his debut record “Arise”, took us to the streets of LA for his EP, “Time is Now” and now presents his new album, “We The Living”.

Darius’ music is a statement describing how we can take control of our lives. “For each one of us, life can be full of different fears,
but we have to remember that fear is a choice.
When we decide we don’t want fear and we have chosen to believe in ourselves instead, we find that we begin to receive the things
in life we’ve hoped for”.


Chris Spheeris

Chris Spheeris has been composing and recording soundtracks to an inspired life for more than two decades. Spheeris’ music has infiltrated TV shows, documentary films, Olympic competitions, miss universe pageants, commercials, NPR radio, satellite and syndicated programs, pop songs, and of course, in the music systems of millions around the world.



For seven years running, decker. has been recording and performing some of the most vital music to be released from America’s Southwest.  The music is clearly drawn from the land itself—all that is at once comforting, eerie, haunting, healing, harsh and beautiful. He carves something unique out of the essence he grasps in his red rock home of Sedona, Arizona—a land of red clay mountains and vortexes. The music takes on a spiritual mantle, a deeper, ancient calling rooted to the land itself, tapping into the mysticism of old, weird America, divining its power, resurrecting what he sees fit and crafting it into musical odysseys of treachery, redemption, enlightenment and tenacity.


Adreil Zang-Perrault

Self taught Amazing  Drummer !!!




“Very rarely has an artist emerged on their debut with a fully-formed artistic voice. PK Gregory is a rare exception.” – Scott David Chase, The Noise


Alisse Garn

Amazing Singer Song Writer . Visit Alisse to here one of  Sedona s Finest Female Musicians .


Dan Rice

His music is some of the finest country flavored music around .  A true tallent !


Caras Marie

Her Original Country sounds Are awesome !!!  Cara Marie is a singer/songwriter & recording artist who has performed her original music throughout the US both solo & with a variety of very talented musicians. She plays acoustic guitar, harmonica and sings with a soulful voice.


Richard Schonberg

In 1995, the first CD in my Journey of the Soul series was completed and distributed by Higher Power Productions. Entitled \”My Soul Remembers\”, it was a collection of spiritually-infused songs reflecting the awakening of humanity to a new, love-based consciousness.

\”Love\’s Call\” is a musical expression of the next wave in our evolution towards the realization of Heaven on Earth. To go beyond the experience of awakening, we must do the conscious work of embodying the virtues of the Soul, courageously putting into practice the guidance of our hearts. The songs you are about to hear reflect different facets of the precious diamond of the Soul, each meant to inspire, evoke, and touch the essential nature – the divine spark – that is the truth of who we are.

\”All creation is contained in the call of the heart. It is a call to striving and daring, a call to bloom your innermost divinity. It is the magnetic pull of the heart of the cosmos, calling every spark back home.\” – Torkom Saraydarian


Gina Machovina

Beautifully mesmerizing, Machovina’s music is a soulful mix of guitar masterpieces, with passionate vocal tunes.


KB Bren

Awesome Local Lyricist Singer Songwriter and Quitar player. Plays many different genres of music. From Reggae,Rock,Country and Alternative music.


Julie Floyd

Julie has become known for her angelic voice and her unique ability to touch the heart and soul of her fans through song, which she feels is a true dedication to the artist that started her desire to perform.


Amanda Cevallos

Amazing singer songwriter !!